MONDAY STUDIO A                   

4:30-5:30PM-  Ballet

                          Ages 6-8 w/Mr. Josh

5:30-6:30PM-  Turns & Leaps

                          Ages 12-Up w/Mr. Josh

6:30-7:30PM-  Turns & Leaps

                          Ages 6-8 w/Mr. Josh

7:30-8:30PM-  Technique & Conditioning

                          Ages 10-11 w/Mr. Josh

8:30-9:30pm-  Technique & Conditioning                                  Ages 12&Up w/ Mr. Josh

                     TUESDAY STUDIO A

4:30-5:30PM- Jazz

                        Ages 6-8 w/ Miss Kourtnie 

5:30-6:30PM- Hip Hop       

                         Ages 6-8 w/ Miss Kourtnie

6:30-7:30PM- Hip Hop 

                         Ages 9-11 w/ Miss Kourtnie

7:30-8:30PM- Lyrical 

                        Ages 16-Up w/Miss Kourtnie

8:30-9:30PM- Hip Hop

                         Ages 16-Up w/Miss Kourtnie

                   WEDNESDAY STUDIO A

5:30-6:30PM- Lyrical

                         Ages 7-9 w/ Miss Kourtnie

6:30-7:30PM- Tiny Tots (ballet/tap)

                         Ages 3-5 w/ Miss Kourtnie                               

7:30-8:30PM- Conditioning & Technique

                         Ages 8-10 w/ Miss Kourtnie

8:30-9:30PM- Lyrical

                         Ages 13-15 w/ Miss Kourtnie

                     THURSDAY STUDIO A 

5:00-6:00PM- Tiny Tots Tumbling

                       Ages 3-5 w/ Miss Jenn

6:00-7:00PM- Jazz

                      Ages 9-12 w/ Miss Jen

7:00-8:00PM- Jazz

                      Ages 16-Up w/ Miss Jenn

8:00-9:00PM- Lyrical

                      Ages 10-12 w/ Miss Jenn

  • Schedule is subject to change upon enrollment  

                        MONDAY STUDIO B 

5:30-6:30PM-  Intermediate Tumbling

                          w/ Coach Courtney

6:30-7:30PM-  Advanced Tumbling

                          w/ Coach Courtney 

7:30-8:30PM-  Tumbling Ariel 

                         w/ Coach Courtney


                         TUESDAY STUDIO B 

4:30-5:30PM- Leaps & Turns

                        Ages 9-11 w/ Miss Jenn

5:30-6:30PM- Beginner Acro

                         Ages 6-8 w/ Miss Jen

6:30-7:30pm- Conditioning & Technique

                         Ages 16 -Up w/ Miss Jenn

7:30-8:30PM- Jazz

                        Ages 12-15 w/ Miss Jenn 

8:30-9:30PM- Hip-Hop 

                         Ages 9-12 w/ Miss Jenn

                   WEDNESDAY STUDIO 

5:30-6:30PM- Beginner Ballet

                         Ages 6-8 w/ Mrs. Kim

6:30-7:30PM- Tap

                         Ages 6-8 w/ Mrs Kim

7:30-8:30PM- Tap

                         Ages 13-Up w/ Mrs Kim

8:30-9:30PM- Tap

                         Ages 9-12 w/ Mrs Kim 

                       THURSDAY STUDIO B

5:30-6:30PM- Pointe

                        Ages 13-Up w/ Mr.Kim

6:30-7:30PM- Ballet

                        Ages 13-15 w/ Mr.Kim

7:30-8:30PM- Ballet 

                         Ages 10-12 w/ Mr.Kim

8:30-9:30PM- Ballet

                        Ages 16- Up  w/ Mr.Kim

  • Classes will begin Monday July 19th, 2021

  • We will be using two studios each night so make sure to check which studio your dancers class is in